Saturday, April 23, 2011

{outfit} bluh bluh huge witch

i recently acquired a cthulhu-ized squiddles shirt, paying homage to the excellent comic homestuck @ ms paint adventures. since the character in the comic who wears this particular shirt is, in fact, quite literally a teenage witch, it seemed appropriate to try and channel those grimdark vibes when wearing this.

we've got the dilapidated outdoors, the gloomy weather, the bone-chilling wind that never stops. even the environment is on board with this plan!

we've got emo kid glasses, dark lips, and a topknot. i don't usually wear a lot of jewelry, but given the theme, it seemed appropriate to throw on a busload of rings for good measure (though sadly, i have no good pictures of them). the rest of the outfit really just came together on its own - the tights were a late addition, but they happen to look particularly witchy, and go with the boots quite well.

this clutch is almost like a doll's purse - a tiny, pink, intensely girly handbag. which also happens to fit with the theme, albeit in a somewhat roundabout way. i appear to be the nerdiest fashion nerd that ever nerded, at least when it comes to the things i am ridiculously obsessed with.

yeah, i don't know either.

tee by topatoco. shorts by yaya aflalo. tights by nordstrom. boots by coclico. jewelry is from various sources, and the blazer was thrifted.

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