Saturday, April 23, 2011

{outfit} bluh bluh huge witch

i recently acquired a cthulhu-ized squiddles shirt, paying homage to the excellent comic homestuck @ ms paint adventures. since the character in the comic who wears this particular shirt is, in fact, quite literally a teenage witch, it seemed appropriate to try and channel those grimdark vibes when wearing this.

we've got the dilapidated outdoors, the gloomy weather, the bone-chilling wind that never stops. even the environment is on board with this plan!

we've got emo kid glasses, dark lips, and a topknot. i don't usually wear a lot of jewelry, but given the theme, it seemed appropriate to throw on a busload of rings for good measure (though sadly, i have no good pictures of them). the rest of the outfit really just came together on its own - the tights were a late addition, but they happen to look particularly witchy, and go with the boots quite well.

this clutch is almost like a doll's purse - a tiny, pink, intensely girly handbag. which also happens to fit with the theme, albeit in a somewhat roundabout way. i appear to be the nerdiest fashion nerd that ever nerded, at least when it comes to the things i am ridiculously obsessed with.

yeah, i don't know either.

tee by topatoco. shorts by yaya aflalo. tights by nordstrom. boots by coclico. jewelry is from various sources, and the blazer was thrifted.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{outfit} baby i ain't got no plan

welp. i'm back.

it's pretty much officially spring, now. there's not much in the way of green, but the sun is coming out on a regular basis and the snow is almost gone. close enough. and hence: pictures. hopefully, i'll have a little more variation here than i used to. this is probably my first time wearing actual print (let alone more than two primary colors!) as a main clothing article in at least a month or two. it's interesting, that as my interest in fashion as a more global, interactive trend waned, my actual creative impulses re: clothes picked up again. maybe i'll actually keep this up, this time.

i have been caring less and less about whether other people see my skin, lately. shorty-shorts, low-cut (front or back) tops that show my bra, short skirts. i used to worry more about it, to be concerned that people would judge me. it's a lot less socially acceptable for a "bigger" girl (which, what the hell? i'm not even that big, but when it comes to the fashion community...) to show skin (and by extension, fat) than it is for skinny girls. which is, in my growing opinion, total bs. i feel comfortable in my body, and i feel comfortable showing it. there's more to aesthetics than skin and bone - just one version of universal beauty is way too limiting for me.

though, on the flip side, i have been really liking the maxi-lengths as well. i found an absolutely lovely long mesh skirt that i want to share sometime soon, and i want to get a few long casual dresses for the summer if i can. i like to run the gamut, is what i'm saying. no judging on either end of the spectrum, just pure awesome.

basically: DEAL WITH IT.

dress by forever 21. blouse by j. crew. shoes by coclico. sunglasses are generic drugstore and necklace was gifted.