Monday, November 8, 2010

{outfit} i keep my feet on solid ground

no-name jumper. fever sweater. scala hat. marc jacobs boots, vintage.

wow, has it been a while. that's what happens when the school year rolls around: ap classes, dance five days a week, six or seven hours of sleep on average a night... it doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging, and even less for dressing up. any upcoming posts will likely be non-outfit oriented. that's okay; variety is good.
these pictures are actually relatively recent - earlier last week, the first day we had a real, heavy, snowfall. hence the giant boots.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


sorry for the lack of posts lately. school started a couple of weeks ago, which meant that my schedule went from "nothing ever, lots of time to take pictures and co-ordinate outfits and post crap" to "oh jesus it's senior year and i have dance every freaking day and chem hw to boot". it doesn't leave you with a lot of energy for this blogging deal. HOWEVER, as it is a three-day-weekend, this gives me a little more license to exercise some of my free time in posting. aw yeah.

anyways, die mutter and i went out yesterday, on a cold and rainy day, with the purposes of cheering both of ourselves up. we spent about three hours downtown, getting some excellent coffee and walking around downtown. we ended up in one of the best boutiques in town, her tern, which among other things has excellent shoes, including those gorgeous coclico boots mutti is sporting in the second-to-last photograph (and which, psst, if she's reading, would be a totally worthwhile buy. not least because i could wear them as well, nope not at all). and the flat, short frye boots - i never thought a cowboy boot silhouette without the actual... top of the boot would be so compelling, but i saw these in person and damn did i fold. they're gorgeous and they're in one of my favorite colors for shoes or any type of leather, that mushroomy-grey-brownish shade. i don't know why, but i seriously cannot resist any leather goods in that color. (and as evidenced by the dressing room pictures above, i seem to be adopting the monochrome pallet for the rest of my wardrobe as well....) anyways, they're not mine yet, but mark my words, they will be. THEY WILL BEE

but it was a good way to spend the afternoon. it made me wish for seattle again... you get the beautiful foggy weather without it making everything depressing or limiting your choices for things to do. sigh.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

{outfit} put your hands in the air like you don't care

we are ladies of mystery.

me and my lazy eye. oy vey.

what i'm wearing: gap dolman top. hand-me-down skirt. faryl robin wedges. banana republic necklace. vintage fedora. ring from her tern.

party night over at the uncle's house. food, fire, and music late into the night, aw yeah. good times.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

{outfit} you're lucky words don't bleed

rubbish tee. free people dress. boden cardigan. coclico boots. vintage fedora. djamesdesigns necklace.

the color got a bit wonky in the last picture - i'm not sure what that's all about, but i kind of like it. there's some pretty intense layering going on there, mostly because i looked outside at the relentless rain and went "okay, fuck it, i'll do it your way" and just piled it all on. (plus a leather jacket and fingerless gloves when in transit. if i wanted to do it REALLY intense i could have put on my giant over-the-knee socks, but i wasn't feeling that gutsy today.)

{for SCIENCE!} the sun... beating down... death.... valley.

so. bill nye is taking over as the executive director of the planetary society.

you have no idea how ridiculously excited this makes me. MY CHILDHOOD


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

{editorials} catastrophe.

you know, i actually had another post planned for tonight, along a different topic than the one i'm going to address. but as it happened, this other topic came up in my nightly internet trawl, and it's the one that is resonating most with me at the present moment. so the original plan will have to wait for another day.

so just a little bit ago, i decided to check out fakingfashion to see if they had put up any new editorials. and lo and behold, they had.

namely, the somewhat controversial vogue italia "oil spill" editorial.

while i had seen a few images from it previously, this was my first time looking at the editorial in its entirety, and to say my opinions on it are… mixed is putting it mildly.

this editorial is horrifying. i’m just putting that out there, since… well, it is. while it is glamorizing the gulf spill in some regard - it’s a fashion editorial, for eff’s sake - it is bleakly, starkly horrifying in a way that highlights and intensifies the horrors of the spill itself. i do not live in a place likely ever to see the effects of that particular spill, nor have i had much intellectual contact with it save via the internet and news articles. but fuck if i didn’t have a visceral reaction to that spread. which is where i come to the whole “mixed emotions” part of this post.

regarding this editorial as a piece of art? it did exactly what it was supposed to do. as an artist myself, i look at it and think “holy shit.” it evokes intense emotion and debate, both in regards to the editorial and to the event itself - which is, in my opinion, one of the most important things art can do. but the timing of the release of this editorial, which was not released a good time after the catastrophe but rather while it was still occurring - well.

it’s a bit tasteless, to say the least. it's a bit tacky.

so yeah, i’m a bit unsure as to where i stand on this.

discussion? i feel like that could only be a good thing. let’s talk about it, guys.

{outfit} you tell yourself it's love

j. crew shirt. woolricks sweater. true religion jeans. hobo belt. banana republic necklace. coclico heels.

this is essentially one of the iterations of my "lazy as hell" outfit - giant sweater, colorful top under, some sort of nondescript bottom and a bunch of jewelry. it's not terribly exciting, but it gets the job done.

also, i got a haircut! it's not really obvious in this picture, but it's several inches shorter and much more layered. a+. i might get more chopped off later, but we'll just see how it goes for now....

Monday, August 9, 2010

{outfit} shades of grey

a display of what will henceforth be known as "early morning towel-head".

rubbish t-shirt. alternative apparel tee. free people skirt.

just a quick, kind of boring outfit post. i have nothing terribly interesting to say. illustration post coming up sometime soon.... xoxo

{lustings} baby i'm howling for you

marni stump wedges

oh baby.

{outfit} {adventuring} i won't waste it

yesterday was h.'s last day in-state with us before she had to go back to school, so she and i + parents & dog all went to the park together (again).

hector was very excited by this prospect.

omg it's a tummy. )=

well somebody is being mocked here.

the parental units.

wearing: little yellow button via anthropologie top, glo jeans, lush cardigan, franco sarto loafers, vintage fedora.

i've been essentially wearing the same outfit non-stop for the past couple of days - an old fedora plus my new lush cardigan. the fedora is pretty special - it's actually shaped a bit more like an outback hat, and belonged to my grandfather on my dad's side. i never knew him but i still get to have a hand-me-down via him (& my dad). it's kinda cool.

hand-me-down dress, lush cardigan, thrifted jacket, hobo belt, bcbg heels, tano bag.

awkward picture, but oh well. outfit from later in the day, after h. had left, when we all went out to dance salsa at the local club....... good times.