Sunday, September 5, 2010


sorry for the lack of posts lately. school started a couple of weeks ago, which meant that my schedule went from "nothing ever, lots of time to take pictures and co-ordinate outfits and post crap" to "oh jesus it's senior year and i have dance every freaking day and chem hw to boot". it doesn't leave you with a lot of energy for this blogging deal. HOWEVER, as it is a three-day-weekend, this gives me a little more license to exercise some of my free time in posting. aw yeah.

anyways, die mutter and i went out yesterday, on a cold and rainy day, with the purposes of cheering both of ourselves up. we spent about three hours downtown, getting some excellent coffee and walking around downtown. we ended up in one of the best boutiques in town, her tern, which among other things has excellent shoes, including those gorgeous coclico boots mutti is sporting in the second-to-last photograph (and which, psst, if she's reading, would be a totally worthwhile buy. not least because i could wear them as well, nope not at all). and the flat, short frye boots - i never thought a cowboy boot silhouette without the actual... top of the boot would be so compelling, but i saw these in person and damn did i fold. they're gorgeous and they're in one of my favorite colors for shoes or any type of leather, that mushroomy-grey-brownish shade. i don't know why, but i seriously cannot resist any leather goods in that color. (and as evidenced by the dressing room pictures above, i seem to be adopting the monochrome pallet for the rest of my wardrobe as well....) anyways, they're not mine yet, but mark my words, they will be. THEY WILL BEE

but it was a good way to spend the afternoon. it made me wish for seattle again... you get the beautiful foggy weather without it making everything depressing or limiting your choices for things to do. sigh.

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