Saturday, July 31, 2010

{editorials} you crawled out of the sea

this editorial may well be one of the most striking i've seen. the concept of it is one that could have allowed endless elaboration, but the execution is simple - and the basic idea seems to shine through all the more for it. seriously, i don't think i've ever seen an editorial that struck me as immediately and viscerally as this one. i think i actually gasped when i saw the first couple of photographs. it looks like something out of science-fiction. it's like, this is what fashion is all about, at its core - evoking an idea through a wearable visual medium. (otherwise known as clothing, you dork.)

the makeup, the styling, the simplicity of the setting - it all works. they could have gussied it up with undersea architecture, a freaking fish tail, but the way they did do it allows for so much more room for interpretation on the reader's part. it leaves a bit of mystery. it creates an atmosphere suited to the topic. it just works.

and honestly, i probably DO have a bit of a bias towards this style of ed., because although i do love pretty pretty clothing, i was one of those kids raised on lord of the rings and star trek. so beautiful, simple, unearthly editorials that conjure up images of mer-people under the sea are going to be something i'm into, obvs. regardless, this is just... ungh. so incredible.


(all photographs from fakingfashion.)

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